4 Ways Factory Reset Laptop or Windows Computer

There are several ways that you can use to make your laptop or computer back to work properly through factory reset, which include:

  1. Using Recovery Disc

If your computer does not have recovery partition, you can try to use recovery disc. Usually in the form of CD or DVD that contains all data recovery that usually exist in recovery partition. In other words Recovery Disc and Recovery partition will be the same in use. As information, salvagedata.com support and help people and businesses that have suffered data loss due to file system corruption, data corruption or accidental file deletion/reformatting.

  1. Using Recovery Partition

Modern computers are usually equipped with the operating system and also partition recovery for restore. Partition itself is part of the hard drive that is not enabled, by using some storage to store all required recovery files needed when cleaning the operating system.

To start recovery through recovery partition usually by pressing the Function button of F1-F12 moments after pressing power button and vary by brand. After that you will be redirected to BIOS, and from there you can run recovery setup. When the recovery is complete then your computer will be in a state when the first time you turned on the computer. Use this link to recover data/ files for individuals & businesses from hard disk drives, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, USB flash and other electronic data storage devices that have failed, stopped working : https://www.salvagedata.com/recovery-services/nas-san-das-server-recovery/

  1. Reinstall Windows

If your computer does not have data recovery or the like, you mean having to do factory reset the old way, that is by reinstalling windows and reinstalling all the drivers. This method may be old-fashioned and troublesome, but you have more control in the reset process. What is sure to be prepared is the Windows License Key and also the installer of the driver you have.

  1. Refresh or Reset Windows 8

This new feature is applied in Windows 8 which functions to make your factory reset faster and easier. Refreshing which means you can maintain personal data such as applications already installed in the metro, but will remove other applications. And Resetting means Windows will delete all and will re-install Windows.

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